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Eu te amo,… Não me desiludas! Protege-te!
Sei so lieb!
And she's too embarrassed to ask him to use a condom?
Somebody else in your picture?
This painting depicts the continuing cycle of life and the role all people must play to ensure an AIDS free future [...]
Sei so lieb!
Camisinha salva vida. Salva vida grátis no GGB
Wear condoms or wear the consequences. AIDS is real
If you really love him..
Get carried away with condoms
Pet, Pet,  Stop. Or use a condom
Sébastien vit avec Jean, séropositif depuis 7 ans
Condom, pour tripper plus longtemps!
Have you got someone to put your socks on?
Nibo Apinewin. Talk about it. Learn about it
Sex talk. Thinking about it? Talk about it
Be happy. Protector condoms