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I've got better things to do than make babies
Get involved
When I told my mum I was gay she blamed herself
AIDS. It can happen to anybody
Préservatifs. Aujourd'hui, tout le monde dit oui
Briz sa silans koz lo SIDA
Condoms... who uses them?
Conn-dom Nation
Ai SIDA no le importa si eres blanco, rojo, negro, amarillo o azul
He's not immortal. He's just young
Freunde. Jungs. Madchen. Clique. Disco. Kino. Anfassen. Zelt. Dusche. Sport. Party. Gefuhl
Condones. Diviertase con ellos pero no deje de usarlos al divertirse
"No condom no sex"
I'm having a great life and now I've had an HIV test I can get on with it