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Gegenseitige treue stoppt AIDS
SIDA est la. Il tue. Protegeons-nous, utilisons la capote
First time was tough
Anche se l'amore e cieco… proteggiti contro l'AIDS. Usa il preservativo
Are you man enough to protect your lover?
Ame e seja feliz. Mas proteja-se do SIDA. Tenha um so companheiro sexual
HIV doesn't affect love
Chaque jour, en France, un bebe nait seropositif..
Mon coeur ne bat que pour toi!
Incognito, Libido, Bingo!
First time was tough
Mir? AIDS?
My programme is virus protected
If you think this looks dangerous, try doing it without a condom
Love is a serious thing. Use condoms
Love is for everyone
Keep to your partner. Help stop AIDS
Tonight's the night to do it right