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How about dinner, a movie, and a talk about AIDS?
"Ik trakteer."
Their son was diagnosed HIV +. Their son went to them for support. Their son was told he wasn't their son anymore
Kupiga vita ukimwi ni wajibu wetu tuelezane na kuzuia ukimwi. To fight AIDS is everyone's responsibility. Share the information and stop AIDS
Tureke guceceka… Tuvuge SIDA. Umusore nyakuri ni uganira na mugenzi we ibyerekeranye no kwirinda SIDA
Master, make we go now! OK... But with condom!
On n'attrape pas le SIDA par les contacts de la vie quotidienne avec des personnes séropositives. [...] Pour se protéger, il faut s'informer!
AIDS. We are all at risk so... Stay faithful to your partner. Use a condom properly every time.
If you love them protect them. Get the facts about AIDS
For any doubtful sexual relationship, use a condom
North Carolinians working together... to stop AIDS
How about dinner, a movie, and a talk about AIDS?
Love with care
If you have a sexually transmitted disease
AIDS is a terrible danger hanging over all of us. But we can rest peacefully if we avoid the high-risk practices
How far will you go before you mention condoms? This far? This far? This far? This far?
Discuss AIDS with your family. They need to know. Don't be careless - Get protection
Chaleur en Ville. Plonge a coup sur!
Tureke Guceceka… Tuvuge SIDA. Umusore Nyakuri Ni Uganira Na Mugenzi We Ibyerekeranye No Kwirinda SIDA