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Je me preserve hatif
All you need is love and a little bit of rubber
Pasina kondomu Kwete. Mazuva ano kune AIDS
Cover up before you cuddle up
When you have sex, make sure the only thing you spread is your legs
Sikker kærlighed
AIDS. Use them
Prévenir le SIDA. Un geste d'amour
Protejamos el amor. Prevengamos el SIDA
Condoms mean caring. February 14 Valentine's Day is a day of caring and sharing. Latex condoms...Prevention against AIDS
Europe against AIDS
[Amour] sans condom, pas question
Dream team:
AIDS is a sexually-transmitted disease. Practise "safer sex"
Ensemble. La prevention
Gezocht: acteurs (M/V) en medewerkers achter de schermen voor safe-sex-promotieteam
Hou van hem
Lang leve de liefde. Kies voor veilig ... elke dag van de week
Keep it up Seattle!