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Shared rights, shared responsibilities. Discuss AIDS together
Männer stellen sich der Verantwortung
Education about AIDS. A Right, a Responsibility
Ts'ik vigwinaajat hiidi?yiah kwaa eenji gwik'andehnohtih. Stopping AIDS is up to us
Demunis, aidez-vous, aidons-les!
Cómo demuestro que te amo? Disfruta la vida evita el SIDA
Stopping AIDS is up to us
Ahna nifhmu..
Personal choices may prevent AIDS
Partager le plaisir. Partager la responsabilite
Epanouissez-vous. Utilisez un condom. Rise to the occasion. Use a condom
Actor Burt Lancaster reminds you..
Nutqaqtiniaruptigu AIDS Uavptiguaqtugut. Stopping AIDS is up to us
AIDS can empty any house.
Anniarun irsinarman siaktailigaksarput. Stopping AIDS is up to us
I didn't want to look stupid putting a condom on
AIDS. Love takes care
SIDA. Nao deixe a decisao para os outros. Nao a SIDA sim a vida
AIDS can empty any house. Be your brother's keeper
Face au SIDA, une attitude differente peut changer votre vie