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Estoy infectado con el VIH, pero recibo tratamiento medico gratuito..
Je staat er niet alleen voor
We are forever a family, HIV/AIDS or not. We are compassionate, loving and caring. Get involved now!
My friend with HIV is still my friend
I'm HIV positive...should I tell everyone or no-one?
HIV Peer Support Group
Vous supportez mal de rester seul quand ca ne va pas
Wir machen uns ein neues Café für Positive!
I haven't got time for a sex life.  I'm too busy being HIV positive
Lovers and others. Celebrating and supporting gay men's relationships
HIV is my health...isn't it?
Huduma na tiba kwa wanaoishi na virusi vya ukimwi Zanzibar (Machi 2005 - Machi 2007)