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Wildlife preservation
When you have sex, make sure the only thing you spread is your legs
AIDS facts for life
It'll take more than Magic to cure AIDS
SIDA...le risque est évitable. «Moi j'ai choisi une capote pour nous protéger tous les deux»
Bath house boy says . . get vaccinated for hepatitis B. Do it. Safely
30 years of AIDS and still fighting!
Le Fleau du Siecle
Dans le Nord de l'Ontario, ce vêtement peut vous protéger du virus de la grippe
In the war on AIDS, your best bet is to take cover
He didn't use a condom. AIDS
Bath house boy [...] Latex [...]
Without a condom, any sex is group sex
AIDS can be spread through sex. Use condoms and avoid AIDS
Bath house boy says...Fuck with men?  Fuck with women?  Fuck with condoms. Do it. Safely