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There's something that you should know about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and AIDS..
I care about myself. I use condoms
Sisters stay alive use condoms
I used to drink a lot and I wouldn't remember what I did
Ils viennent de se rencontrer. Ils doivent se revoir
Prevention = abstinence, fidelity, preservatif
If your man is dabbling in drugs…He could be dabbling with your life
No disco end of season party in aid of Cork AIDS Alliance
Danny said he didn't want to do it if we had to use condoms
Cuan seguro estas. . . ?
Vous la trouvez craquant? Dites-vous que ses "ex" aussi
Don't forget your rubbers
Deluxe Nirodh
What do you when your partner won't use a condom no matter how much you insist? This is what you do... you leave
Kubadili tabia ndiyo njia pekee. Behaviour change is the only way
Since I got HIV, all I want to do is tell women that love alone won't protect them. Will you protect yourself?
Projet Jeunes
I've never had sex
You care about your kids. You care about him. Care about yourself. Insist on condoms