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Find out if you're carrying a deadly weapon
TB. HIV. Double Trouble
If we lose you, we lose your ideas, we lose your friendship, we lose your beauty [...] we lose
There is a law against it
Sharing needles may be risking AIDS
How could someone like me be HIV positive?
December 1 World AIDS Day 93
Are you negative toward positives?
What you know about -HIV+ can change your life. Lo que sabes del -VIH+ puede cambiar tu vida
I'm HIV Negative…but I'm living with AIDS
Anti oursins; anti virus
Rapaz do sauna diz. Fode com homens? Fode com mulheres? Foda com preservativo. Faça-o! ...Com protecção
I am my mother's son. [...]
Önyargı : önyargı HIV'den cok daha bulaşıcı bir virüstur!
HIV positive or negative. Choose safe sex
Get talking. Get tested
Stop pointing the finger
She looks safe .... I can't stop now anyway ..
Jens har lige bestået sin prøve. Resulatet var negativt. Længe leve dig og mig
Are you negative toward positives?