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Hey you mob let's talk about HIV/AIDS. There's some Black fellas you can yarn with
Getting high and hot. Know the risks. Plan ahead
Verdens oeldste fylder 40
In a perfect world homophobia would be dying: not gays and lesbians
Sochi 2014
Impfen schütz Hepatitis
GRRLS do GRRLS . . Know the risks. Know your choices
We care for you . . . lesbians working for a healthy tomorrow
Sex from A - Z
No more tears [Enough is enough]
Young, hot, safe!
I heard he's HIV positive
United dykes of Naz. Pressurised, judged and discriminated against by never lost sight of our sexuality
Prevenção da AIDS, também é uma questão de cidadania
No one is immune
ACON is for women
Which ever way . . . . make it safer. Use your imagination . . .
Kissing doesn’t kill: greed and indifference do
Soyez de la partie! A 4S Les Ateliers sexe sensuel stimulant sécuritaire
Is this safe practice?