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VIH info soignants... des soignants au service des soignants
Communicable disease warnings for emergency response personnel
Localization of millennium development goals in Murang'a North District
Points de vue. Les soignants au coeur des années SIDA
Voluntary medical male circumcision
Como protegernos de enfermedades infectocontagiosas
A condom a day keeps the doctor away. STOP AIDS
Wear gloves when handling blood or body fluids
Hey! You know what? You can't get AIDS from:
A bad stick can ruin a great education. Prevent exposure to HIV and Hepatitis B
[Children playing with marbles and daydreaming]
Let's get a foot in the door!
You preventing AIDS can make a world of difference
Hey! You know what? You can't get AIDS from:
I am proud to be Aboriginal
Vivre avec le VIH…vivre avec son traitment
Decisión V
Stoppons le SIDA en Polynésie. Pour stopper le SIDA il faut un comportement responsable!