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If he doesn't care enough to wear a condom, he doesn't care
CRPS: L'information SIDA. Ayez le réflexe préservatif!
C-word: contraceptives
Oefening baart kunst
Mira quien se puede infectar con el SIDA
På väg ut? Bildgoogla inte klamydia
Our child relies on us... we rely on the loop (IUD)
Keep a rubber on hand!
Везде с резинкой
Freier, nur mit...!
Tenlo claro
Hot rubber + Lubricant = die Bindung fürs Leben*
"I am glad I encouraged my partner to go for Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision"
"Love with care" Be safe. Be faithful. Use condoms. Abstain and gain
Без резинки? Не со мной!
Best lovers are good with their hands
We have one thing in common... the loop (IUD)
On a tous un vetement chouchou
Ukweli kuhusu kondom 5. Je, ni vigumu kutumia kondom kwa usahihi? Hapana!