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Avoid getting a red card. Think before you act. Avoid getting STDs/AIDS. Use a condom
Stop SIDA.
AIDS is scary, but a zit is real. Right?
AIDS can tear YOU apart!
AIDS can happen to you
Fintness, fairness, wellness: zeigt schwächen und stärken
AIDS will be stopped by people just like you
Wellness, fairness, fitness: für aussen und innen
Reberera amagara gaawe
Comment le SIDA se transmet
AIDS is scary, but a zit is real. Right?
It won't kill you to spend time with a friend who has AIDS
You'll never forget the feeling of safe sex
AIDS. Don't be afraid. Be aware
Today, people with HIV are doing something most of us didn't think possible
AIDS? Ist keine strafe, keine treue-probe, kein spiel. AIDS ist eine Krankheit
A quoi ressemble une personne qui a le SIDA?
Doshi to gi pinu mo
Ffuga obulamu bwo