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Lubricant. De Hot Rubber
One Stop. One Condom
That's what our love is all about
Séropo et bien dans sa peau
Getting together. The ins and outs of dating
Love him safely…every time
Droit d'aimer
Schutz aus liebe
No risk in a kiss
Sei so lieb!
[A couple on a date]
There must be 50 ways to please a lover... and all of them safe! Join us to find out more
And they don't know each other well enough to discuss using a condom?
Mahalin siya ng ligtas…sa lahat ng oras
Why test?
Faut se parler. On à tant de choses a se dire
Are you negative toward positives?
Get with the program! cool with it. Use condoms and prevent the spread of AIDS
Sei so lieb!
Whatever you do make it safe