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Eerlijke relatie, lekker en safe? Kies voor veilig. HOE dan ook
Choose safer sex
Do the safe thing
Have a safe sex summer
Somebody else in your picture?
HIV positive or negative. Choose safe sex
This painting depicts the continuing cycle of life and the role all people must play to ensure an AIDS free future [...]
When you say yes...say yes to safe sex
Fiers d'etre pedes, fiers de lutter contre le SIDA
Choices we share can keep us healthy
Message to a secret friend… Don't compromise your safety for a secrecy. Get the facts about AIDS…
First time was tough
Il y a des mots d'amour qu'il faut oser se dire. A deux, on est plus fort pour se proteger du SIDA
Play Safe this Summer
So when do we stop using condoms?
Menschlichkeit ist ansteckend. Eine HIV-positive Frau streicheln nicht
Gay by nature, happy by choice
Sei so lieb!