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Friheten är död. Länge leve friheten
Sempre protetti, anche in viaggio d'affare
He plays hard...and he always uses condoms!
Condoms. Unwrapped. Long versus thick? Who needs the extra large?
Sex is:
Put a cap on it
Prêt pour l'
Psst... hazlo con condón
Safer sex - condom sense!
Safe sex and Safe using
They don't have safer sex just because it's safer
safe sex is hot sex
Zusammen kommen, AIDS riskieren
Safe sex is coming. .
AIDS: The ugly side to sex
Veilig vrijen is kunst
Le préservatif, votre ange guardien au 7ème ciel!
An ounce of prevention... because there is no pound of cure
Which would you rather carry, a condom or the AIDS virus?
Best cover-up since Watergate