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AIDS brings death to family farms. Who is left to do the farming?
Iris ist HIV-positiv. Wir stehen zu ihr!
HIV positive
Let your child be born without AIDS. Be responsible parents. Keep to your sexual partner only
If you want one of these one day, use these today
[pointing family]
Se abbiamo paura di amare, siamo tutti malati di AIDS.
Est-ce que vous pouvez trouver la personne qui est atteinte du SIDA?
Todos unidos en la prevencion del SIDA
Sylvie ses mots pour le dire
HIV doesn't affect love
Chaque jour, en France, un bebe nait seropositif..
Iris est séro-positive. Elle peut compter sur nous!
AIDS doesn't discriminate...Why should you?
AIDS bu mutluluğu yok edebilir…
Mummy and daddy; what happens when you die of AIDS? Please keep a faithful partner to avoid AIDS.
AIDS. Red Crescent for United Arab Emirates. Care for Life
Families take care
There's a future with early treatment