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Protocol d'actuacio per evitar la transmissio del VIH en el part
Si je suis seropositive, on se retrouve a la cantine?
Women break through for access
Jeg er hiv-smittet. Gi meg en klem. Omsorg smitter ikke
If this woman had the virus that leads to AIDS, in a few years she could look like the person over the page
Jane - 30"
Das Kinn von Opa. Die Augen von Papa. HIV von Mama
Have you heard me today? No rights. No life
Women living with HIV - mothers, wives, sisters, and daughters ..
Positive women.
Me rayeriez-vous de la liste si j'étais séropositive?
Pregnant women can get AIDS too, and give it to their babies! Get the facts from your local health center
Positively Women
Bednürfnisse haben recht
Since I got HIV, all I want to do is tell women that love alone won't protect them. Will you protect yourself?
It was the worst day of my life. The day I first found out
Moi, le VIH? Impossible
Iris è siero-positiva. Noi le siamo vicini
Positive women's network
Comprehensive care for prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV