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You don't have to be a queenie to get AIDS
Je suis fiere d'etre Autochtone
Ts'ik vigwinaajat hiidi?yiah kwaa eenji gwik'andehnohtih. Stopping AIDS is up to us
Native Languages of the NWT
Life is our most sacred gift from the Creator. [...]
Spread the news  Not the disease  AIDS kills Indians too
N.W.T. AIDS program poster languages/translations
2 get down with the brown U got 2 pump up with rubber
I am proud to be Aboriginal
Nibo Apinewin. Talk about it. Learn about it
Stopping AIDS is up to us
AIDS attacks all nations
Tradition and culture
Protect yourself, others, and our future: let's join the fight against HIV and AIDS
Millions of men thought they wouldn't get AIDS
Healing our nations
Nutqaqtiniaruptigu AIDS Uavptiguaqtugut. Stopping AIDS is up to us
AIDS... It kills Indians too! Please use protection. Protect our people
Stop AIDS in Indian country
Millions d'hommes se croyaient à l'abri du SIDA