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Umuhimu wa ushauri nasaha katika uislamu. Mwenyezi  MUNGU amesema "na washauri katika mambo."
Discriminare i malati di Aids è contraro ai principi del Vangelo
Word on the street...
AIDS Memorial Vigil. May 16th and 17th
AIDS Representations in Mexican art
Don't shed blood. Donate it
Construyendo la VIDA combatiremos el SIDA
We all live in God's embrace
Healing service for all affected by AIDS. Tuesday, August 24
Unfortunately it's also a part of Jewish life
Respond with compassion and loving kindness. It's good karma
There are times when God needs a hand
Life is our most sacred gift from the Creator. [...]
STIs don't know religion!
Basket auction. Easter beverage benefit
Community and religion may not accept homosexuality but a father's love does
Frente al SIDA: la comunidad comprometida