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Philadelphia AIDS WALK October 15, 1995
Celebration of Hope!
Texas X presents Deep in the heart..
Boy with arms akimbo. HALLOQUEEN!
Lydia's Hirsch Casino
Presence of absence
Walk for us all. The AIDS pledge walk, Sunday June 5, 1994
Names project - The Israel tour. The International AIDS Memorial Quilt
Stop. Agir pour en finir
Gala night for singing. A benefit for AIDS. August 31, 1985 East Hampton, New York
Playbill. The New Amsterdam Theatre. The 19th Annual Easter Bonnet Competition
AIDS Dance-a-thon. Care to dance?
3rd Annual San Francisco HIV Prevention Awards
AIDS Dance-A-Thon 1990
Devotion '93 festival and dance party
Works of heart
Bij jou er wat af, bij ons er wat bij.
Spirit to feed. A body to nourish
Beter te laat dan nooit. AIDS fonds giro 8957
Dancers for Life. A decade of dance