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AIDS attacks the body, ignorance attacks the spirit
Don't aid AIDS
Be aware. Get the facts about AIDS and how it can be prevented
Lanmò avèti pa touye kokobe. SIDA
"Even with AIDS (We care for you)"
Sailors. AIDS is real.
Strategy for life. HIV is rising in our community. It's time to take action
Don't let AIDS be our culture's second genocide
Do you recognize the face of AIDS?
I've got AIDS. But I can still give my children a future
Hier droht AIDS: Hier nicht:
Qu'est-ce que vous avez entendu sur le SIDA? Ne devinez pas les réponses! Apprenez la vérité sur le SIDA!
You cannot tell if someone has AIDS . .
Your daughter worries about AIDS
We didn't think we could get AIDS
AIDS is here. Don't get AIDS. Get the facts
How many people have to be HIV+ before it affects you?
Ta det med ro i utlandet! AIDS overføres ved seksuell kontakt
Reconnaissez-vous le visage du SIDA?