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Heisse tage, heisser sand. Kondom und Gleitgel immer dabei
Don't open this.  Without wearing this.
Tough guys don't wear condoms. They wear gowns
Quando te le togli, meglio che te lo metti
Take it off....Put it on
There's safety in rubbers
[Think about AIDS. It could happen to you.]
Ef þú tekur áhættu í kynlífi skaltu halda henni í lágmarki. Smokkurinn er vörn gegn eyðni. Hann má ekki vera neitt feimnismál.
A vue d'œeil, on ne peut pas savoir si nous avons le SIDA ou pas. Protegeons-nous ave une ccapote ou abstenous-nous!
I met this girl who tested positive