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Thomas: Ik heb AIDS. Vrij veilig. Je hoeft de volgende niet te zijn
You can get AIDS from sexual relations with more than one partner..
You can get AIDS. Be safe. Be informed. Don't kill our future
If you think your partner has unsafe sex, don't fool around
All I wanted was a quick high and a good time
Ceci ne transmet pas le virus du SIDA
Guess who else can get AIDS if you shoot drugs? Your baby can
Have you been exposed?
If I use drugs could I get HIV, the virus that causes AIDS?
Ikiwa UKIMWI haukutishi wewe, hebu fikiria vile UKIMWI unaweza kumdhuru mtoto wako. Hebu fikiria
Transmission factors. Risk reduction practices
Safe qui peut!
SIDA: como não se transmite. No trabalho
Estas muriendo por arrebatarte? El SIDA (AIDS) mata
Let's unite and wage war against AIDS
AIDS.  Special information for married couples and bisexual men
Household hints for drug users