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Don't share
Information for drug users : protect yourself from hep... There are some things you shouldn't share with anyone. Condoms protect!
Sailors. Syndey is high risk area for AIDS
All I wanted was a quick high and a good time
Heiße Nadeln teilt man nicht
Vous utilisez toujours une seringue neuve pour un shoot. Vous voilà donc à moitié protégé
Guess who else can get AIDS if you shoot drugs? Your baby can
If I use drugs could I get HIV, the virus that causes AIDS?
New fit for every hit!
One hit just isn't worth dying for.... never ever share needles
Controlling AIDS is up to you
Estas muriendo por arrebatarte? El SIDA (AIDS) mata
When you share needles you could be shooting up AIDS
Drogenproblem geht alle an. Alle. Nicht alle andern
Practice safe flex
Household hints for drug users
Safe sex made simple
Sida circule toujours