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In the right hands this can help someone with AIDS
I'm HIV positive...should I tell everyone or no-one?
Nosotros jugamos "seguro"... Nos hasemos la prueba periodicamente
Amy's dad couldn't bring himself to accept he had AIDS. Now he can. He just can't bring himself to tell her
My family and community care for me. We kick stigma and discrimination out. What about you? Get involved now!
Grandfather, you are wise in the old ways, give us the wisdom about AIDS
HIV Peer Support Group
Beratung Begleitung Betreuung Gruppen Gesprächskreise
Vous supportez mal de rester seul quand ca ne va pas
Wir machen uns ein neues Café für Positive!
MAPS: Multifaith AIDS Project of Seattle
Nos necesitas?
Kutunza mayatima wa ukimwi ni wajibu wetu. AIDS orphans is everyone's responsibility
Si te cuidas por fuera... cuidate tambien  por dentro!!!
Wise guys is a group of people you know [...]
Persons with AIDS Coalition
AIDSline. Worried about HIV/AIDS, sexual health, STDs
Malades du SIDA ne bénéficient pas facilement d'une aide ménagère. Comme ça au moins ils ne s'ennuient pas.
You are not alone