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HIV can be a women's issue
Get the point
Myth. Fact
Bons réflexes pour se protéger du VIH/SIDA et des IST
Take this test before it's time to take this one
I had HIV
Courageuse: pour ne pas vivre dans le dout, elle s'est fait depister
Lovers and others. Celebrating and supporting gay men's relationships
Your baby will look up to you for everything
Protégez vos objets de valeur avec test de dépistage et condoms
Has tenido practicas de riesgo? Piensa en positivo. Animate y hazte la prueba del VIH
If you think your partner has unsafe sex, don't fool around
I'm having a great life and now I've had an HIV test I can get on with it
Just positive
Nou fe tes la n ap rete fidel. Konsa SIDA pa ka fe nou pe!
Guess who else can get AIDS if you shoot drugs? Your baby can
Have you been exposed?
The advantages of finding out you have HIV
P.R.E.V.S. Prévention des risques et vive le sexe! Entre mecs!