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Je ne tue pas le romantisme
"Love with care" Be safe. Be faithful. Use condoms. Abstain and gain
Like any other lovers
Amour, c'est hypersensible
Was sich liebt, das schützt sich
Love is healing
I love sex
Wir schützen uns, weil wir uns lieben
Kärlek är livet. Lev livet
True love
Vida, quiero protección, ponte condón en cada ocasión
Young, beautiful, but not immune
He's into safer sex, so why not give him a hand?
52% of all women with AIDS in the U.S. are black. 61% of all babies born with AIDS are Black. Fight Back Fight AIDS
Nous avons tous besoin d'amour. Personne n'a besoin de l'hépatite B
Remember the promises we made in the moonlight to always love safely
So schön kann nur die Liebe sein!
Positive women's network
Quem se ama se cuida. Preserve a vida. Evite AIDS