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When love is the mood..
Summer of Love! Against AIDS!
Sikker kærlighed
Scene de la vie conjugale
L'amore non basta, il preservativo si
So schön kann nur die Liebe sein!
SIDA est la. Il tue. Protegeons-nous, utilisons la capote
Cómo demuestro que te amo? Disfruta la vida evita el SIDA
"He loves me. He loves me not." "He loves me."
Love as if your life depended on it. It does. Insist on condoms
Have you got someone to put your socks on?
Ich dich. Du mich. Wir uns. Ihr euch
Love is a serious thing. Use condoms
Lieber-Sicher! Kondome gibt's bei uns an der Theke oder im Automaten!
If you think this looks dangerous, try doing it without a condom
Quando penso a te, mi batte forte il cuore!
I'm serious about love. I use condoms