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Jo's party tonight, what shall I wear? [...]
Are you man enough to protect your lover?
Attention au déballage
AIDS - Don't risk it, carry a condom, don't share needles. It's not just your life
Smart girls carry condoms
Condoms: You have a right to insist
Sans? Sans moi
Be safe. Use a life preserver. AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases can be prevented
Plus de soutif, ni de calcif? - Vite, un préservatif!
Viel Schutz fur wening Schtutz
T'as ton parachute pour t'envoler au 7ème ciel?
!דאג להיות לבוש
Many straight, married, and bisexual men sometimes want to have sex with other men
Protege. . . evita. . . previene. . . usa el condon
Off pist
Sécurité sur canapé
Smart girls carry condoms
Best time to talk with your partner about condoms is not when his penis is pointing in this direction
Celebrate! Stop AIDS