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For any doubtful sexual relationship, use a condom
Femmes! La lutte contre le SIDA passe aussi par nous!
Summer in the city. Slip into it!
Anybody can get AIDS. Talk about it
If you love them, protect them
We can work together to help stop the spread of HIV
Correct use of condoms protects you from AIDS and other STDs.  Don't take chances!
Condomania. Remember if he really cares he wears
Nicht jede Verbindung ist eine feste
Master, make we go now! OK... But with condom!
Jikinge na magonjwa ya zinaa na ukimmi. Protect yourself from STDs/AIDS
Chaleur en Ville. Plonge a coup sur!
AIDS. We are all at risk so... Stay faithful to your partner. Use a condom properly every time.
Tureke guceceka… Tuvuge SIDA. Umusore nyakuri ni uganira na mugenzi we ibyerekeranye no kwirinda SIDA
Respecte mon choix, sinon on s'arrête là!
Preservatif, c'est un dialogue a deux
Talking safer sex
Their son was diagnosed HIV +. Their son went to them for support. Their son was told he wasn't their son anymore
There are at least 20 reasons to ask. Why can't we talk?
Écouter. Informer. Orienter. Soutenir. Témoigner. Allo ... Info SIDA