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Are you doing it? Worrying about sex, that is. You don't have to have sex. But if you do, use condoms
Stoppons le SIDA en Polynésie. Pour stopper le SIDA il faut un comportement responsable!
We won't get AIDS, we've been dating since the 11th grade
I'm serious about love. I use condoms
If your boyfriend insists on sex without a condom... Maybe it's time for a new boyfriend
Planning Familial? IST? VIH/SIDA?
Protect your
Billy said he didn't want to put on a condom
SIDA yaduteye tuyitegeshe agafuko. Stop SIDA
It's the healthy way to live. Panther condoms
Cover your
Getting together
Sans preservatif, je dis non!
Take action
Y 4 Y [Youth for youth]
What about backups???
Sempre più su
Préservatifs. Aujourd'hui, tout le monde dit oui
I can't believe we both forgot! The condom. Tom, Dick and Harriet, carry it