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Condoms mean caring. Latex condoms...Prevention against AIDS
An ounce of prevention... because there is no pound of cure
Roll on Friday
Sei so lieb!
L'amore non basta, il preservativo si
Which would you rather carry, a condom or the AIDS virus?
Best cover-up since Watergate
Welcome to Condom Country. Ride Safely
Prevent AIDS. Use a condom
Healthy sex.. Rubbers are bringing men together again..
Condoms today and an HIV vaccine tomorrow
How to use a condom
Journey of hope
Condones trabajan toda la noche
Nuestra mejor arma contra el SIDA es la prevención
Plezier voor twee
Show him how to use his head
If you're going to say yes, use a condom
By the year 2000 more than 90% of all new AIDS cases will be women
Amour, c'est plein de saveurs