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Stop AIDS in its tracks
HIV/AIDS can prevented this way
O,o o dili
Don't shoot!
You won't get AIDS from a bug bite
Solamente una vez sin condon. SIDA
AIDS The Equal Opportunity Syndrome
If you think your partner has unsafe sex, don't fool around
All I wanted was a quick high and a good time
Ikiwa UKIMWI haukutishi wewe, hebu fikiria vile UKIMWI unaweza kumdhuru mtoto wako. Hebu fikiria
SIDA: Sindrome de inmunodiciencia adquirida. Qué es SIDA? Qué lo causa? Como se contagia? [...]
How can you get HIV/AIDS? Avoid HIV/AIDS!
Tsy inifindra avy amin' ireto ny SIDA
HIV/AIDS can't be contracted through:
Infekce virem HIV
Taking care safely is good care. Caring safely for people with HIV or AIDS
I haven't got time for a sex life.  I'm too busy being HIV positive
Person infected with the HIV virus may not get sick straight away [...]
Faits... Pour l'amour de la vie... Faites la guerre au SIDA