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AIDS: If you've taken the risks . . take the test
[I am responsible for my actions]
AIDS. Draw the line
How AIDS multiplies
AIDS. Think positive. Stay negative
Kei rite te ngaro o te taugata ki te moa. AIDS. Mo etahi atu korero. Whakapono tumanako me te aroha
Don't share your toys
Recomendaciones para prevenir el SIDA
I.V. drug users: Don't give AIDS to your unborn baby ..
SIDA precaución
AIDS muerte. Bleach vida
Don't fuck with a user..
Don't get stuck with someone else's problem
He wouldn't give up shooting up ... so I gave him up
HIV/AIDS spreads this way!
You can't get AIDS by donating blood. We use sterilised needles and syringes
Ki bo viris ki bay maladi SIDA-A chita
Chacun sa seringue, une idée fixe.
If you prick your arm, arm your prick