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You can't get AIDS by
Injecting drug use
Anniarun irsinarman siaktailigaksarput. Stopping AIDS is up to us
What about my whanau?
We're family too
Fiers d'être Autochtones, nous faisons notre part pour prévenir la propagation du VIH dans nos communautes
2-Spirited People of the 1st Nations. HIV
Caring can prevent AIDS
Condoman says: Don't be shame be game. Use Frenchies!
Je suis fier d'etre Autochtone
Building Bridges. Efforts de rapprochement
AIDS. A disease that will kill you if you get it
Navigate life safely
AIDS is not a quick kill
I'm looking for a great lover - and I'm willing to wait
Caring is healing. Care about: yourself, those with HIV/AIDS, others.
Protect your health and the health of those you love..
AIDS. Keep the circle strong
Sexual health.