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Sainte Capote protège toute la famille
Keep love alive
Sailors. Syndey is high risk area for AIDS
Stop pointing the finger
How far is too far?
Berlin is yours. Keep it safer
Tremendo al Bailazo
If some 1 you worked with had HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, would it affect you? [...] Share the facts, not the fiction
Nicht um jeden Preis - aber sicher
P.R.E.V.S. Prévention des risques et vive le sexe! Entre mecs!
All you need is brain
Make life last
Dona, estima I gaudeix de forma segura
Pense avec ta tête
Sempre protetti, anche in ambiente umido
Aimer la vie. Preferer les garçons. Proteger son futur..
Make sure Mr. Right isn't really dead wrong