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C-word: contraceptives
Lydia's Hirsch Casino
Sida: nous arretons quand?
A 10 ans les enfants sont capables de comprendre beaucoup de situations
Sempre protetti, anche in ambiente umido
B + UR - Be positive you are negative
A night off the chart - testing is smart
Say no to drugs. Prevent yourself from AIDS
Aimer la vie. Preferer les garçons. Proteger son futur..
Welt-AIDS Tag. 1 Dezember. Solidarität für menschen mit HIV und AIDS
Make sure Mr. Right isn't really dead wrong
[Man tells family he has AIDS]
A. I. D. S. attacks one race and one race only. The human race
Familia y SIDA
No todos lo hagen...  Si no ha llegado tu tiempo, no tengas sexo
VIH: Hablar sobre el virus no mata
No dejes que el SIDA acabe con nuestros sueños!
Household hints for drug users