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J'aime le sexe. On peut le faire sans risques, avec tous, si on se protégé
Bend over seks. Neem bend hier mee. Of bestel gratis via
Las familias cambian, las familias crecen = Families change, families grow
HIV doesn't care... ...if you have sex with men or women
Play safe. Ficken mit Gummi. Blasen ohne abspritzen
Blasen ohne abspritzen. Küssen ist safe. Ficken mit kondom. Safer Sex
Ann and Gary. Gary and John. John and Kate. Kate and Ann
Ne comptez pas sur la chance. Protégez-vous
Who am I? I don't think I'm like other guys
More safe sex around the clock, between the sheets, outdoors, for dessert, during close encounters
Are you prepared?
If your sex life is unprotected, so too is your relationship
Sex. There's so much more
Kann denn Liebe Sünde sein? Kampagnen, Klerus und Kondome
They don't have safer sex just because it's safer
Make sure you have extra lube
Without a condom, any sex is group sex