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Hey! You know what? You can't get AIDS from:
Aventures du latex
Infektion. AIDS!
Laboratoire international de diffusion
La Decisión IX
You don't have to be a queenie to get AIDS
Decision: The story so far
AIDS. Occhio al virus! Per una gravidanza responsabile fai il test
Dunkle ritter dachte einfach an alles!
Salud empieza en casa. Adolescencia y sexualidad
Hablando claro, comadre
Dare to care!! Basic condom sense
Offene Gesprächesgruppe für Positive
Ne banalisons pas le Sida!
Comment on attrape le SIDA
Capotes, c'est pas fait pour les marmottes..
Crème de la Crème
Are you properly dressed for the occasion? AIDS is transmitted by sexual contact - use a condom