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[Think about AIDS. It could happen to you.]
Séro Zéro
Will she...won't she?   Only if he uses my balloon
Gib AIDS Keine Chance
Condomania. Remember if he really cares he wears
Artistic condoms
SIDA y la familia. Protegete 1'
Condoms. Power through protection
Condoms make sex safer
Amour ça se protège
Condoman says: Don't be shame be game. Use Frenchies!
[Condom models]
Sikker sex på plakaten
Denk na vrij veilig
Oh darling, you have everything I've always wanted in a man except these ..
Condomania. Boys will be boys, but men will wear condoms. . . every time
Ogni volta...e usa solamente la tua . .
Protejamos el amor. Prevengamos el SIDA