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Have you got someone to put your socks on?
That's what our love is all about
Community and religion may not accept homosexuality but a father's love does
Cómo demuestro que te amo? Disfruta la vida evita el SIDA
Ayudate! No hay dificultad que suficiente amor no [...]
Hold deg til én
Bad case of loving you ..
Deluxe Nirodh
Show each other how much you care
Lachen Gemeinsam gegen, Lieben Ausländerfeindlichkeit. Kämpfen und Schwulenhaß
You don't have to be famous. . . you only have to be human
Protect yourself and your family
Rettet die liebe. Stoppt AIDS
Ich bin HIV+ Ich schütze mich, achte auf meine Gesundheit und bin Verliebt!
Er liebt mich nicht, er liebt mich...
AIDS. Love your children, teach them the facts
Be happy. Protector condoms
Droit d'aimer
Men størst af alt er kærlighed