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Preservatif, c'est un dialogue a deux
Combat readiness. Condom readiness
Condom Factory - 40". Keep Mrs. Dawson busy. Use a condom
Choose your life. Don't get on the AIDS train
Ik Vrij Alleen Veilig
One of these girls is HIV positive. You can't tell by looking
Vom kiffen krieg' ich kein AIDS
No risk in a kiss
We want safe sex…Now!
AIDS is here. Don't get AIDS. Get the facts
Baráttan við eyðni er barátta upp á líf og dauða. Taktu enga áhættu. Smokkurinn er vörn gegn eyðni. Hann má ekki vera neitt feimnismál
Preservatifs: Fuck le sida
"Ik trakteer."
If he doesn't have a condom, you just have to take a deep breath and tell him to get one
"My love for my family motivates me to use a condom" - a fixer, injecting drug user
It's the healthy way to live. Panther condoms
Latex, the fashion accessory that goes with everything!
I did the right thing
Protegete: Usa condon
Sans preservatif, je dis non!