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SIDA nous concerne tous. Informons nous pour apprendre à l'éviter
Menudo dicen: Ciudate del SIDA!
People say it takes courage to live with AIDS. Well it takes courage to deal with people who reject me because I'm gay
World AIDS Day. December 1
Kubadili tabia ndiyo njia pekee. Behaviour change is the only way
To win a match good defending is a must
Soignez les personnes qui ont le SIDA. Protégez votre malade contre les infections. Protégez-vous et les autres contre le SIDA
Time to Act!
Meilleure facon de se preserver c'est d'en parler
Stop AIDS. Keep the promise
Network of African people living with HIV/AIDS
AIDS. Teaching AIDS / Awareness through education
Stand up for your children. Discuss HIV/AIDS within your family
En el diseño de tu vida, tienes en cuenta la prevención contra el SIDA?
I've never had sex
AIDS is in town. Don't pass it on
Spread the news  Not the disease  AIDS kills Indians too
One of the best ways to protect yourself against AIDS is to talk about AIDS
No en todo se parece a tí pero eso no lo hace diferente
Hab gehört