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Wer über Nacht bleibt..
Be good in bed
Aren't you afraid of AIDS, Larry?
Voor liefhebbers. Ik vrij veilig of ik vrij niet
Take it off... put it on
AIDS e karsi koruyucu kilif kullan, merak etme sen..
Hot Rubber-the condom: To be or not to be
Expose yourself! To condoms
There's something that you should know about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and AIDS..
YO. Talking about sex. Listen Up
דבר קטן יציל חיים
Preocupada? No al sexo, o si a los condones
Men Aloud. En voz alta/Permitido
Tu vida es según el color... con que mires el SIDA.
Sometimes I think: If he doesn't bring up condoms, it's not my problem - he knows the score
Ils viennent de se rencontrer. Ils doivent se revoir
Power tool
Correct use of condoms protects you from AIDS and other STDs. Don't take chances!
Prevention = abstinence, fidelity, preservatif
N'avez-vous rien oublié...?