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Protegerte SIda VIDA
Let's talk about sex.
Dad said I could tell him anything . .
Protect yourself
AIDS is scary, but a zit is real. Right?
Préservatifs. Aujourd'hui, tout le monde dit oui
Ai cumpliar los 17, me entere que tenia el HIV y tambien que todo el mundo lo puede contraer
Anoche, Vanessa estuvo en un accidente fatal de carro. Pero ella no lo sabe todavía
Today is tomorrow
!El SIDA esta por donde quiera! !No se arriesque!
AIDS does not discriminate. It can happen to you
Come together
Voneinander lernen
Ik weet het zeker. (Anoniem) testen op HIV
If you love them protect them. Get the facts about AIDS
Don't let AIDS sideline your future. It's not who you are...It's what you do
When I found out I had HIV at age 17, I learned that anyone can get it
SIDA no discrimina