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Positive youth! Young people fighting back against HIV and AIDS!
Choose safer sex
Get involved
Coming soon…
Absolutely fabulous
A fuck at any cost? I must be worth more than that
Mr. Right (now) might not wait for you to get strong condoms and water-based lube. Always carry them with you. Practise safer sex
Queer today. Here tomorrow
Faut se parler. On à tant de choses a se dire
Veilig verder!
Planner 2005
...und nicht in den Mund abspritzen!
No ifs, ands or butts…
HIV/AIDS awareness, risk reduction, education, prevention
If you're a gay man with HIV you may sometimes find it hard . .
Embrace the facts. Be informed about A.I.D.S
Come together
Safe together
Celebrating Canberra's gay and lesbian community