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Take the HIV test. You can live with the results
One Stop. One Condom
Have you talked with your wife about AIDS?
Let's talk about sex.
Keep your sex life alive
Sex is not only for the young. Neither is HIV
There's more than one way to show you care
¡SIDA! ¡SI-DA! ¡Practica el sexo con menor riesgo! [...]
Planner 2005
Protect your health and the health of those you love..
Aimer c'est aussi penser a l'autre
No ifs, ands or butts…
Anoche, Vanessa estuvo en un accidente fatal de carro. Pero ella no lo sabe todavía
No matter who you love. Or how you love. Be sure to love yourself first
Paruru ite maki AIDS. Ko koe okotai rai taku ka inangaro
Montre lui que tu l'aimes. En êtant fidèle, en te protègeant, en l'aidant. Taua noa
Hiesaren aurkako eguna. Compartir apoyo es lo mas positivo! Ez diote bizitzari hies egiten utzi nahi!
Ukimwi. Ulevi wa pombe na madawa ya kulevya. Huondoa busara katika maamuzi. Tumia kondomu