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Audio Interview, Don, undated
Audio Interview, Marvin Ritzenthaler, January 31, 2012
Deserves the same care, no matter who these hands embrace
Green Thursday, radio program, February 6, 1975, source recording
Inflamed by flare-ups against queers and PWAs?
Video Interview, John Noble, August 2, 2012
Video Interview, Bruce Jewell, October 1, 2013
Audio Interview, Jamie and Sally Whitbeck, September 17, 2012
Audio Interview, Larry Fine, March 21, 1973
Audio Interview, Jo Meleca-Voigt, August 17, 2013
Audio Interview, Betty Dwyer, July 19, 2012
My son is homophobic, but I hope it's just a phase
Video Interview, Tim Sally, December 14, 2012
Many teachers say: I've never seen a gay student
Video Interview, Gordon Urlacher, June 6, 2012
Mon frère pis moi, on s'est toujours tenus
Green Thursday, radio program, July 11, 1974
Audio Interview, Thomas Privitere, January 3, 2013
Video Interview, Bob Day, May 23, 2016