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1. Hubaran, 2. Paliguan, 3. Condoman
Last night, these men slept with each other and a hundred more without knowing it
Ensemble avec nos différences
Nous sommes toujours ensemble
Se il passato interferisce con la tua relazione:
Yours, mine
Looking for Mr. Right? But you're only finding Mr. Right-Now?
Choose safer sex
Bad boy!
1 op 3 seropositieve homomannen weet niet dat hij HIV heeft. Speel op zeker. Laat je testen
On serait fous de s'en passer
Repeat and re-testing guidance
If the risk of HIV being passed on through anal sex without a condom is near the roof…
SIDA. Derechos para todos. Responsibilidad de todos
[Male + male symbols]
AIDS affects everybody
Lite stykke Norge